400 Series | Bedroom furniture

Residence room furniture from Intellicare Furniture for MPT-INTL




All laminate construction including drawer & door face. 1” Thick Thermofoil top, sides & back, 3/4” Thermofoil drawer & door fronts. 3mm impact resistant, low emission, PVC edging. Full suspension slides with safety stopper extension rated for 125 lbs. 170 Degree European door hinges. 5-Piece reinforced drawer construction with optional solid bottoms.


  Bedside table: 1 Drawer with or without a door or 3 Drawers.

400        20”(51cm) x 20”(51cm) x 29”(74cm)



3 Drawers 33”(84cm) x 20”(51cm) x 29”(74cm)

4 Drawers    33”(84cm) x 20”(51cm) x 36”(91cm)

6 Drawers    61’’(155cm) x 20”(51cm) x 29”(74cm)

8 Drawers    61’’(155cm) x 20”(51cm) x 36”(91cm)

  Wardrobe:  1 door or 2 doors, with or without 1 or 2 drawers.

1 Door      33”(84cm) x 20”(51cm) x 72”(183cm)

2 Doors    33”(84cm) x 20”(51cm) x 72”(183cm)

1 Door      61”(155cm) x 20”(51cm) x 78”(198cm)

2 Doors    35”(89cm) x 23.5”(60cm) x 78”(198cm)




  • Plastic Drawer Liner Inserts
  • Wall Anchors
  • Locking/Non-Locking Casters
  • Vented Back
  • Metal Leg styles
  • Handle styles
  • Lock (Key or Digital)


Colors available

2021 Intellicare Laminates